Shows in 2019-2020

December 4, 2019 – January 25, 2020: 37th Annual Invitational Juried Exhibition

Opening Reception: Friday, December 6 at 7:30 pm

Sponsor: Boyer GMC Bancroft


Closed February


March 4 – March 28, Michael Nathaniel Green – The Invisible Offering: sculpture

Opening reception Friday, March 6 at 7:30pm

Co-Sponsors: Dr. Melissa Fransky, and Drs. J. Rawal and J. Guthrie


April 1 - 25, Shannon Taylor – Remembered, Imagined: mixed media

Deferred to 2021 due to virus pandemic

Co-Sponsors:  Micheline Leveque and Gertrud  Sorensen 


April 29 – May 30, Underneath: Juried Theme Show

deferred to 2021 due to virus pandemic

Sponsor: Camp Ponacka


June 3 – 27, Melinda Shank-Miles - Fragile: paintings

deferred to 2021 due to virus pandemic

Sponsor: Owl Ridge Acres


NEW June 18 – August 29, Allan O’Marra – Recent Figurative Works: paintings

No Opening reception due to precautionary measures

Co-Sponsors: Jean & Glenda Menard, and Hugh & Ingrid Monteith


August 5 – 29, Connie van Rijn – In the Shadows: paintings

Deferred until 2021

Co-Sponsors: Pam Gibb-Carsley and Susan Latremoille


September 3 – 26, David Smith - Lost and Found Project:  paintings

Opening reception Friday, September 4 at 7:30pm

Also: Studio Tour sampler in the Gallery Shop

Co Sponsors: Ernst Grell & Leilah Ward, and Tom & Mary Robinson


September 30 – October 31: Francis Livingston – Winter Lights and Winter Ice: photography

Opening reception Friday, October 2 at 7:30pm

Co Sponsors: Barbara FitzPatrick and TBA


November 4 – 28, John Climenhage – disLocations: painting

Opening Reception Friday, November 6 at 7:30pm

Sponsor: Pat Cooke in Memory of Paul D. Cooke


December 2, 2020 – January 29, 2021, 38th Invitational Juried Show

Opening reception Friday, Dec. 4 at 7:30pm

Sponsor: Boyer GMC Bancroft


Michael Nathaniel Green – "The Invisible Offering": sculpture

This exhibition has been cancelled due to health concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus

March 4 – March 28, 2020

Opening reception Friday, March 6 at 7:30pm

Co-Sponsors: Dr. Melissa Fransky, and Drs. J. Rawal and J. Guthrie


About the Artist

I have been making the effort to reignite my art career. I had my first psychosis in 2008

at the age of 32 and spent about 10 years not making art. Since moving to Peterborough

I have been participating in the art scene. I have been part of a group show at Gallery in

the Attic and a solo show at Evans Contemporary as well as participating in Art Spaces

annual 50/50. I have attended Georgian College, Barrie, ON. for a fine arts diploma,

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB. For a BFA, and Ohio State University,

Columbus, OH. for an MFA. I was born 1975 in Trenton ON. and raised in Perth ON.


Artist Statement

I have schizophrenia. As an artist it has given me a first hand experience that there is so

much more to reality than what we can take in through our five senses. The surreal and

uncanny have a foundation in our reality that is more relevant than ever.

The title of this show ‘The Invisible Offering’ is paying homage to the mysteries of

unearthing the unseen and the invisible. I value that which is hidden from ordinary view,

questions from quantum physics like does one’s ephemeral thoughts or consciousness

affect matter or are objects more potentialities than solid objects interest me as a

sculptor. I also value questions from Buddhism that help us cope with our invisible inner

world of emotions that often overwhelm us. Notions of interconnectedness and

impermanence move me and make me want to understand them deeper. The idea of

the offering or giving in this day and age I feel is important when kindness and thinking of

others is a strong stance to take.

Using abstraction and organic minimalism in my sculpture, I point to the ever changing

qualities of reality weaving between the familiar and the unfamiliar. I am drawn to the

sensual, ephemeral and ambiguous use of everyday materials in unconventional ways.

The surfaces of the sculptures appear to be left malleable, revealing their hand-sculpted


I explore object relationships to each other and where they are placed generating a

conversation between casualness and deliberateness of placement. Like a bewildering

surreal still life a poetic relationship opens between the objects and puts our comfort in

reality into question.



           “Courage Bars” by Michael Green

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