Exhibit 2016










January 6 – 30 – 25th Michal Manson Memorial Student Show

Juried by Diane Woodward of Madoc, ON

Sponsor: Don Koppin Contracting



February 3 – 27 – Joey Bruni: "Last View" an Exhibition of Paintings

Sponsors:  Dr. Melissa Fransky, Dr. J. Rawal and Dr. J. Guthrie




March 2 – 26 – Remembering Gerald Humen: A Retrospective

Sponsor: Ashlie’s Books




 April (March 30 - April 30) – Lucy Manley and Olga Szaranski – “Roadside Painters”

Sponsors: The Old Hastings Mercantile and Gallery, and Gertrud Sorensen




May 4 – 28 – Annual Invitational Exhibition

Juried by: Andrew Edgar

Sponsor: Boyer GMC Bancroft


June 1 – July 2 – Nancy McKinnon - "Seasons of My Journey" an Exhibition of Paintings

Sponsors: Cope Barrett Certified General Accounting, and Bancroft Eatery and Brew Pub



July 6 – 30 – Tracey Lee Green – “Portraits of Nature: A Journey from Anvil to Easel”

Sponsor: Barbara Reid, and Micheline J. Leveque, Barrister and Solicitor




August 3 – September 3 – "Finding Critical Mass" An Exhibition of Algonquin First Nation Artists

Curated by: Robin Tinney

Sponsor: Marla Allison, Town of Bancroft and Algonquins of Ontario


September (September 7 – October 1) – Kathy Haycock “In the Prevailing Wind”

Sponsors: Ingrid and Hugh Monteith



October – 5 – 29 – "Expression in Fibre": An Exhibition of Fibre Arts

Curated by: Leilah Ward

Sponsor: Stephanie Henderson in Memory of Robert C. Henderson



November 2 – December 3 – Caroline deMooy: "The Enigmatic Landcape"

Sponsor: Pat Cooke in memory of Paul David Cooke




December 7 – December 31 – Robert Perkins "A Retrospective"

Sponsor: Dorothy Parshall