Exhibit 2014



January 8th to February 1st – George Raab and Susanne Thea - “Printmakers”

Show Sponsor: Grail Springs Health and Wellness Spa




February 5th to March 1st - Anita Murphy - "Painting Spring"

Show sponsors: Dr. Jerry Rawal and Dr. Zeya Alikhan


March 5th – 29th – Michal Manson Memorial - 23RD Annual High School Exhibition

Juror: Gretel Boose

Show sponsor: Don Koppin Contracting


April 2nd  - 27th  - Allan O’Marra – “Classical Abstracts”

Show sponsor: William D. Watson, Barrister and Solicitor


April 30th – May 5th Invitation - 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition 

Juror : Susan Dunlop

Show Sponsor: Bancroft Motors


May 28th to June 29th - Kevin Hockley – “Inspiration from the Wild”

Show sponsor: Bancroft Sport & Marine 


July 2 to July 27th - Shelley Beach - “Sanctuary”

Show sponsor: Pat Cooke in Memory of Paul David Cooke

July 30 – August 24 - ECOAA 56th Annual Juried Show,

Juror: Arne Roosman


August 27 to September 28 - Anka Milligan - “Moments in Time”

Show sponsor:  Owen Williams, Relationship Excellence (Inner Directions, Inc.)


October 1st to November 1st - Arne Roosman - “Here and Now/There and Then”

Show sponsor:  Stephanie Henderson in memory of Robert C. Henderson

November 5th to November 29th. “Early Christmas at the Gallery” and works of the late Earl W. Smith

Show sponsor:  The Eileen Sutherland family


December 3rd to 27th – Don Wilson - “Aesthetic Fabrications: Photographs of an Industrial Geography”

Show Sponsors: Ashlie’s Books, and Friends of the Gallery