39th Annual Juried Exhibition

Sponsored by 

December 1, 2021 to January 22, 2022
Juried by artists Rob Niezen and Lisa Martini-Dunk 



jexh best show win cropBest in show - Autumn Fields by Marilyn Simpson  


Abstract - Sponsored by ReMax Country

 jexh abstrl win cropWinner: Photograph: Plastic chair with puddle and leaf, by Eric Glenn Weiner of Hastings Highlands  Honourable mention: Ingrid's Folly, by Ingrid Monteithjexh abstrl hm


Landscape - Sponsored by Marlon Horst and Margo Currie

 jexh landscp win crop 250Winner: Kelly MacLeod of Palmer Rapids, "Store ... Alone"  jexh landscp hm cropHonourable Mention: "Red Roof, Bancroft"
by Krys Bradley


Still Life - Sponsored by Dr. Brian and Kim Bishop

 Red camera

Winner: "Quiet Corner" by Philo Smithjexh still win crop

 jexh still hmHonourable Mention:
"Pink Heritage Lilies", by Wendy Snefjella


Figurative - Sponsored by McDougall Insurance Brokers

 Winner: "Big Red Bead", by Tracey Lee Green of Haliburtonjexh fig win crop leilah crop 250Honourable Mention:"Going Home",
by Leilah Ward of Bancroft



38th Invitational Juried Show

Sponsored by 

December 2, 2020 to January 29, 2021
Juried by Tracey Lee Green and David Smith 


Best in Show

Evelyn Van Hoekelen


Sponsor: Town of Bancroft Award


Best Abstract

Clasina Weese



Honorable Mention Abstract

Ingrid Monteith


Abstract Award Sponsor ReMax Country Classics


Best Landscape

Julie Withrow

“Autumn Lakeshore”


Honorable Mention Landscape

Kathy Haycock

“Stand Tall Into the Wind”

Landscape Award Sponsor: Marlin Horst & Margo Currie


Best Still Life/Interior

Lynne Vegter

“Under the Hemlock”


Honorable Mention Still Life/Interior

Francis Livingston

“Georgia O’Keeffe Peony”

Still Life/Interior Award Sponsor: Dr. Brian and Mrs. Kim Bishop


Best Figurative

Henry Melissa Gordon

“I am a Ghost: Sister 1”


Honorable Mention Figurative

Allan O’Marra

“Swoosh 2”

Figurative Award Sponsor: McDougall Insurance Brokers



37th Invitational Juried Show

Sponsored by 

December 4, 2019 to January 25, 2020
Juried by 




36th Annual Juried Exhibition

Sponsored by 

Juried by


Best in Show - David B. Milne Award

Alex Jack for Pond and Shoreline



Best in Category – Bancroft Times Award

Laura Culic for In the Heart of the Forest

Honourable Mention – Hannah Lithographers Award

Michael Dombrowskik for Grey Day



Best in Category – FitzPatrick Family Award

Molly Moldovan for Tallan III

Honourable Mention – FitzPatrick Family Award

Shelley Brown for Joy



Best in Category – Greg Latremoille Award

Freddie Towe for Tina’s Toes

Honourable Mention – York River Framing Award

Henry Melissa Gordon for I am Still a Ghost Too


Category 4 - DRAWING

Best in Category – Park View Dental Award

Alex Jack for Forest Early October

Honourable Mention- Carol R. Kadwell-Wallace Award

Tom Feenstra for Circles Squares Triangles



Best in Category – Bancroft Bed & Breakfast Award

Paul Holman for Spring Flare

Honourable Mention - Bancroft Bed & Breakfast Award

Heather Lawrie for Smokey Renewal



Best in Category – Marlin Horst and Margot Currie Award

Keetha Newman for Along Musclow Greenview Road

Honourable Mention – Old Tin Shed Award

Sue Ardea Prentice for Ascension



Best in Category – McDougall Insurance Brokers Award

Ken Fraser for Father

Honourable Mention – Brown's Hair Design Award

Sue Rankin for Northern Lights Vases


35th Annual Juried Exhibition

Sponsored by 

May 3 to May 27, 2017
Juried by Gesina Laird-Buchanan 
May 3 –  May 27, 2017



34th Annual Juried Exhibition

Sponsored by 

Juried by Andrew Edgar







Title of Work

Best in Show



David B. Milne

Allan O’Marra

Selfie (High Falls)


Best in Category


Bancroft Times

Anita Murphy

Through the Window

Honorable Mention


Hannah Lithographers

Allan O’Marra

Baloo’s World


Best in Category


Dr. Walter Rodrigues

Sue Prentice

Gestation of the Cosmos

Honorable Mention

Mark & Karen Bonokoski


Ken Fraser

Scotty Moose

Water-Based Medium

Best in Category


Greg Latremoille

Robin Mayer


Honorable Mention


York River Framing

Nancy Brookes

The Writer’s Cabin

Pastel, Drawing & Printmaking

Best in Category


John Keith

Wendy Snefjella

Ice Wine Glass Vase

Honorable Mention


Brown Hair Design

John Parson

Golden Evolution


Mixed Media

Best in Category

Bancroft Bed & Breakfast


Julie Lockau

Bark Fossils

Honorable Mention

Bancroft Bed & Breakfast


Eva Dametto

City Scape

Three-Dimensional Sculpture

Best in Category

Marlin Horst & Margot Currie


Nancy Wilson

Web of Life

Honorable Mention

Brian & Km Bishop

Henry Melissa Gordon


Nuclear Medicine

Video Art (artist’s own set-up, with earphones)

Best in Category

McDougall Insurance Brokers


Dan Boileau

Dream Loop

Computer Art

Best in Category


GIS Techspot

Eric Weiner

Iridescent Forest

Honorable Mention


John & Ita Ostrovsky

Eric Weiner

Light Serving



33rd Annual Juried Exhibition


Juried by Bancroft-based writer, curator, educator, and visual artist David McIntosh

Sponsoredy by Bancroft Motors


Best in Show, David B. Milne Award: Richard Capener for “Gazing Up”


Category #1 – Oil

Best in Category, Bancroft Times Award: Arne Roosman for “Winter on York River”

Honourable Mention, Hannah Lithographers Award: Joyce Burkholder for “Sec Lake Arrival”


Category #2 – Acrylic

Best in Category, Bancroft Sport and Marine Award: Tom Feenstra for “Natura Artis Magistra”

Honourable Mention, Mark and Karen Bonokoski Award: Nancy McKinnon for “Reaching for the Sky”


Category #3 – Water-Based Medium

Best in Category, Greg Latremoille Award: Wendy Snefjella for “Snow from the East in the Evening”

Honourable Mention, York River Framing Award: Shelley Beach for “Nightly Encounters”


Category #4 – Pastel

Best in Category, Tim Hortons Award: John Parson for “Raven Spirit”

Honourable Mention, Brown Hair Design Award: Krys Bradley for “Chef’s Table


Category #5 – Drawing and Print Making

Best in Category, John Keith Award: Gail Ellison for “First Snow”

Honourable Mention, John and Ita Ostrovsky Award: Sue Prentice for “Tara’s Owl”


Category #6 – Two-Dimensional/Mixed Media

Best in Category, Bancroft Bed and Breakfast Award: Allan O’Marra for “La Baigneuse”

Honourable Mention, Bancroft Bed and Breakfast Award: Barbara Dametto for “Circle of Life”


Category #7 – Three-Dimensional?Sculpture

Best in Category, McDougall Insurance Award: Robin Tinney for “Water Guardian”

Honourable Mention, Brian and Kim Bishop Award: Teena Surma for “Mama Squash & Little Girl”


Category #8 – Video Art

Best in Category, Old Tin Shed Award: Dan Schmidt for “The Serpent and The Lotus”

Honourable Mention, Remax Coe Hill Award: Don Wilson for “Crucible of Sight”


Category #9 – Computer Art

Best in Category, GIS Tech Spot Award: Bill Ellison for “Red Tangle”

Honourable Mention, Old Hastings Mercantile and Gallery Award: Dan Schmidt for “Spider and Web”