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Freddie Towe's "This Day ..."

June 29 – July 30

Towe Hugs On Now

Freddie ToweFreddie, in her own words

These collages and paintings are from some kind of alternate reality. A place where things are a little different, but also a lot the same.

This work is my response to the onslaught of imagery passing though my conscious and subconscious. My task is to create paintings with connections and pathways, allowing for a variety of interpretations.

I work intuitively and rhythmically. Laying down a barrage of random shapes, colours and values. I filter, edit, dress up, dress down, acknowledge and tune out. This process is a visual enactment of what we all do on a daily basis.

Stepping back, I see the figures, fauna, architecture, interiors, exteriors, urban, rural and extra-terrestrial landscapes central to my imagination.

Freddie's Bio 

Freddie Towe is an interdisciplinary artist who has worked in painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, film and video. An innate sense of colour and quirky interplay between humour and darkness are evident in her work.  Freddie began showing her paintings and mixed media work in Toronto in 2004. Today, Freddie lives beside the York River north of Bancroft, Ontario.



Melinda Shank's "Fragile"

June 1 – June 25


Birches in Sunlight Landscape

Melinda's Bio YouTube link Melinda Shank

Melinda is a member of the North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin First Nation, and currently lives with her family in North Bay, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University in Hamilton, and has completed additional studies in art at the Dundas Valley School of Art and at Redeemer University in Ancaster. She was born in North Bay, but grew up in Western Canada, often moving from one place to the next in Alberta and B.C.

Melinda paints with oils, watercolours and acrylics, sometimes incorporating mixed media to establish texture and dimension within the painting. Her paintings show the beauty of the untamed wilderness, snapshots of a great blue heron in flight, a freshly born bison calf, the sunlight behind the last leaves of the Fall, illuminated behind a cluster of trees.

She is inspired by the story of her ancestors: Algonquin relations born into the fur trade and an Anishinaabe grandmother, orphaned, born “illegitimate” in a rural Catholic church and referred to as simply “Sauvage.” A great-grandmother from the Mi’kmaq territories on Canada’s Eastern shores, her stories buried deep in a family who could not acknowledge their origins. A mother’s Scottish clan, with roots buried deep within the icy northern Orkney islands who, after centuries of war and hardship, sailed to Canada.

These inspiring stories are those of survival, families torn apart and reunited, of travelling great distances and remembering an identity attached to a far-away place. Melinda’s childhood was a nomadic adventure until she settled in North Bay, where the footsteps of her ancestors have brought her home.

This collection of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and watercolours show us what Melinda sees when she looks at her home, and when she looks at herself. She addresses identity, and connects us to the earth, the water and the air.



Tanya Fenkell's "Emotional Landscapes"Tanya Fenkell Youtube LinkTanya talks about her work at the reception


May 4 - May 28


Fenkell WritteninWater Feature

Tanya Fenkell is a Toronto-based artist and writer working primarily in watercolour. Tanya holds a BA in English Literature from McGill University, an MA (in English) and an MIS from the University of Toronto. Tanya’s love of all things literary manifests in her poetry, which has appeared or is forthcoming in various small journals such as Eunoia Review, Rue Scribe, Forget Me Not Press, and Salt & Citrus. She has spent many years raising three sons, prior to which she worked as a Photo Librarian at The Globe and Mail and was later co-owner/designer for Cloud Cashmere, a line of ethically-made knits for women and children.

Throughout her life, Tanya has explored her artistic side through practice and study of various arts and fibre-related crafts, including knitting, drawing, sewing, embroidery and bookbinding. The solitude and isolation specific to raising small children allowed her to delve deeply into watercolour (so portable and quick-drying), her favourite medium for her moody landscapes and figures. 

Solitude and solitary spaces in the natural world are dominant preoccupations in Tanya's art. Specifically, many of her paintings are inspired by the quietest parts of Baptiste Lake and its surrounding areas. "Emotional Landscapes" focuses on the positive and pensive feelings evoked by being in nature, especially those found in monochromatic, melancholy, early morning lake views. Tanya uses watercolour to semi-abstractly convey the deep, calming feelings evoked by the lake; forest bathing, the calming presence of water, and more generally, spending time in nature, all immeasurably increase human well-being. The comfort, loneliness and rapture felt when we are alone with nature is more compelling than ever as we have learned to cope with the strictures of life during a pandemic.

Tanya’s paintings picture stolen moments of silent bliss, seemingly removed and untouched by the devastation of world events. She finds tranquility and hope within Canada’s landscape while recognizing that seeking these in nature is a profound and fragile privilege. As we accept nature’s comforts, we have an acute responsibility to reciprocate its protections. The deep solace and joy provided by the Canadian landscape is visceral and even, paradoxically, painful, as we come to terms with ensuring that our environment survives our constant demands on it. And yet, solitary natural spaces sustain and console us more than ever in the new, uncertain context of 2022.



Jessica Lin's “There’s No Place Like HomeLin YouTube link imageJessica Lin opening reception talk

March 30 – April 30, 2022


Jessica Lin is a photographic artist with a love of travel and adventure. She has spent the past 9 years developing her unique abstract landscape photography style, where she extracts elements from her various photographs and recomposes them to create whimsical scenes.


6Lin TheresNoPlaceLikeHome homepageOver the course of months of varying degrees of pandemic lock-down in Toronto, Jessica found herself deeply considering the concept of “home”. This has resulted in a new body of work where she blends the realities of interior domestic spaces and exterior wilderness spaces. It has also led to a major life shift, and a move to a large country property after nearly 4 decades of city living. She’s looking forward to seeing how this change will inform her future work, as well as being excited to start a vegetable garden next spring.

Jessica has participated in many art fairs across Ontario, and her work is now represented by six Canadian galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario's Rental & Sales Gallery.

She has participated in three Artists’ Residencies – Alchemy at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands, Once Upon Water on Pico Island in the Azores (Portugal), and most recently L’AiR Arts Research residency in Paris, France – all of which have had a lasting influence on her art practice.

In 2018, Jessica was awarded Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artists' 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, and her booth was awarded Best in Show at ArtWalk in the Square in 2019.

Click here for Jessica's upcoming events. 



Selections from the AGB Permanent Collection
and works by John Parson

Sponsor: Friends of the Art Gallery


1 OSchlienger Red Headed Woman cropThe Art Gallery owns more than 100 works either donated by artists, individuals or estates, or purchased by the Gallery’s Trust Fund. The collection also includes several books of prints by famous Canadian artists including Alex Colville, Christopher Pratt, Jean-Paul Lemieux and Oscar Schlienger.

The AGB has one of the largest collections of original paintings by Oscar Schlienger – many of which were donated by the executor of Oscar’s estate – Alfred Muma.Our collection includes two styles: landscapes and figures. 

Schlienger was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1905 and received some training at the Cole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva in portrait painting. Being an art teacher always seemed to be at the forefront of Schlienger’s life. During the war, he taught classes alongside A. Y. Jackson and Charles Comfort. He also started creating editorial cartoons for The Globe and Mail newspaper. In 1942, he briefly drew some graphic stories for Bell Features Publications. He created two short series, “Lucky, the Unbeatable, and his Sport-Escapades", that began in Joke Comics.

Schlienger was also an instructor for the Ontario Group of Artists at Gordon Payne’s Studio in Toronto. He continued his passion for teaching at the Haliburton School of Fine Art, Sir Sanford Fleming College and evening classes at North Hastings High School. In 1959 he was unanimously elected to the prestigious Ontario Institute of Painters, which included among its members former Canadian war-time comics artist Adrian Dingle. In 1970, three years after the death of his wife, Schlienger moved to Bancroft. He died on Remembrance Day 1991 at the age of 87.

Primary Source, Ivan Kocmarek [https://www.comicbookdaily.com/collecting-community/whites-tsunami-weca-splashes/oscar-schlienger].

Oscar Schlienger  

  1 OSchlienger Horses Cornstalks crop 250x203Horses and Cornstalks
Oil, 16"x 20"
     1 OSchlienger Reclining Man crop 203Reclining Man Watercolour,
14" x 20"
     1 OSchlienger Winter Scene crop 203Winter Scene
Watercolour, 16.5" x 21.5"
     1 OSchlienger September Sparkle crop 203September Sparkle
Watercolour, 12" x 15.5"


Indigenous art  

Our significant collection of Indigenous art includes paintings and prints,carvings, a wool hanging and a birch bark dish – all donated by the artists or by collectors. 

   1 EFWesley Nesting Birds crop 203  Elijah F. Wesley, Nesting Birds Acrylic, 13" x 17"     1 JHallugtalik Felt Hanging crop 203John Hallugtalik,
Wall hanging Embroidery, 20" x 19"
    1 LPorter Violets Tray crop 200Lew Porter, Violets Variation birchbark and quills tray    1 ISutherland Soapstone Seal crop 203Ignue Sutherland, soapstone carving


With its rugged beauty, the North Hastings area is a natural attraction for landscape artists. From our extensive collection of landscapes, we've selected a variety of artists for this exhibition. We've also included some local historical landscapes, including some paintings of the old Bancroft railway station.

 1 CPowsey Blue Flags crop 203Clive Powsey, Blue Flags,
Watercolour, 19" x 15.5"
   1 GSorensen Homestead crop 203Gertrud Sorenson,
Homestead, Oil, 21" x 25"
   1 GEwing Autumn Landscape crop 203Gladys Ewing, Autumn Landscape, Oil, 24" x 38"   1 HDalley Superior Shore crop 203Harriette Dalley,
Superior Shore, Pastel, 20" x 27"



Our collection includes portraits and some beautiful works of the human figure. In this exhibit, we're including predominantly facial portraits but also a few of the full human figure.  

 1 DGurley The Nanny crop 203Diana Gurley, The Nanny, Watercolour, 22" x 20-1/2"     1 MManson The Bitch crop 203Michal Manson,
The Bitch, 28" x 23"


John Parson

1 JParson3 crop 203John Parson was born in Toronto in 1947. After graduating with honours from the Ontario College of Art in 1970, he was awarded the Mclean Foundation Travelling Scholarship.
He worked and studied in Europe including Montmartre from 1972 to 1975, and studied old-master techniques with a Louvre copyist in Paris.

His travels also included North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, US., Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In 1976 he moved to New Zealand with his wife to be, and became
a dual citizen.Parson had a number of shows in New Zealand in the 70s and 80s. His work has been shown continuously in Queenstown NZ since 1980.

Parson returned to Canada in 2004 to be close to his aging parents. In 2009, he hosted a solo exhibition at the ABG. Until moving back to New Zealand, Parson was
the artist-in-residence at Grail Springs Retreat and Wellness Centre, near Bancroft.

 1 JParson1 crop 203    1 JParson2 crop 203  1 Parsons quote